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Miura Haruma on the COVER of GYAO mag december issue

fafa will be on the cover ineng :))


there’s nothing really much to write about miura haruma being in the cover of a magazine. It’s just a natural thing for good-looking guys like him XD

anyway, yehey for him!!! although he doesn’t really look that good on the photo :))

I think he looks better here, during his past apprearances in GYAO MAGAZINE…

here he is with aragaki yui (I think it’s for koizora)-dec 2007


and him in gokusen 3 (gyao october)


the last photo was for gokusen 3

oh and yeah randomness….here are some photos of Yamapi when he was on the cover of GYAO XDD



scan credits:



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Koike Teppei in Homeless Chugakusei (Movie Trailer)

The movie will be premiered in Japan on October 25. (good for the people living in Japan. For the people not living in Japan, we still have to wait for months (yes, months or even a year) to get the dvd rip with subs XD rawr.)

Anyway, Homeless Chugakusei means homeless school student. The movie is based on the drama of the same title which was based from the best-selling autobiography “Homeless Chugakusei,” of comedian Tamura Hiroshi. I’ve read the plot and yup, It’s a sad story. But not that much of a tear-jerker (I guess). Well, based on the trailer, you can pretty much say that It’s a sad movie. Anyhow, the only reason why I want to watch the movie is because of teppei. haha. He’s just so cute and chibi. hahahaha. I’m even taller than him.

Here’s the trailer

the photo (below). That guy on the left is Tamura Hiroshi, the comedian guy and author of the autobiography where the movie is based. And that litol boy on the right is the one who played Tamura in the drama. TEPPEI is tamura in the movie. HE DOESN’T LOOK A BIT LIKE THEM XD (but tamura wanted teppei to be him in the movie)

oh and a random pic of teppei. hahahaha

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Koizora-恋空 (sky of love)

Koizora Poster

I’ve just finished watching Koizora.

And here’s my review. SPOILERS INCLUDED.
Koizora is basically a high school love story of 2 people who were madly in love with each other but ended up being in unwanted circumstances. The film was good but really fast-paced. I mean, the things that happened in the movie were so fast that It didn’t even seem realistic anymore. There were times when I just went “that’s just really stupid” because of how things happen in such a short period of time. At first I found the leading lady too impulsive; she met a boy, then a few days later the boy became her boyfriend then the same afternoon of that day,they had UHHHHHHHH. It was just so fast and plain weird. There were even parts of the movie when I thought the girl was just simply blinded by love. She meets a boy, he becomes her girlfriend, they have sex, the girl becomes pregnant and both of them decides for the child to be born. Strange isn’t it? oh and there was also a rape scene. All of those practically happened in the first 30 mins of the film. It was just a bit confusing at the start I guess. But after probably the first 30 mins, the story was quite easy to follow. There were a lot of uhhh shocking scences that seemed normal in the film. There was this scene where they were making-out in the school library during class hours. There were also a lot of cute scenes. I didn’t find it that much of a tear-jerker…actually I didn’t cry at all. But I understand why most people do.  What I don’t understand though it that this film actually became a box office hit. Maybe it’s because of the cast (Miura Haruma and Aragaki Yui look so cute together XD).Over all, the movie was quite enjoyable. The acting of Miura Haruma (who plays the blonde-haired Hiro) and Aragaki Yui (who portrayed the role of mika) were really really good.

I’d give the movie a 7/10

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