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OLD scan of Miura Haruma’s ad for RAMBO (SEGA)

well it’s not too old. I just found my tv weekly(october 9-162008 issue) magazine which I bought in hk while I was fixing my stuff…since I haven’t posted much stuff lately, I thought of sharing the scan of Haruma’s ad for sega.

Here it is πŸ˜€



enjoy πŸ˜€

please credit is reposting


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greetingHahaha Random super late greeting :))


So, below is the list of Oricon’s top 100 singles of 2008. As you can see, there are lots and lots of Johnny’s. Hahahaha.


Credit: ORICON and kaminari_tsk @ jpopsuki for the translation

Johnny’s are the ones in GREEN. Please correct me if I missed some of them or if I got anything wrong πŸ™‚

*comment please: ^__^

001-1. truth – Arashi———–>YEAHHHHHHH XD (kaze no mukou e is my most favorite arashi single ever) hahaha

001-2. Kaze no Mukou e – Arashi

002. One Love – Arashi

CLICK THIS TO SEE THE WHOLE POST..The rest of the list and a bonus list πŸ™‚

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Miura Haruma on the COVER of GYAO mag december issue

fafa will be on the cover ineng :))


there’s nothing really much to write about miura haruma being in the cover of a magazine. It’s just a natural thing for good-looking guys like him XD

anyway, yehey for him!!! although he doesn’t really look that good on the photo :))

I think he looks better here, during his past apprearances in GYAO MAGAZINE…

here he is with aragaki yui (I think it’s for koizora)-dec 2007


and him in gokusen 3 (gyao october)


the last photo was for gokusen 3

oh and yeah randomness….here are some photos of Yamapi when he was on the cover of GYAO XDD



scan credits:


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Anan’s rankings-Japan’s most popular male idols of 2008

Pretty much still the same as last year’s…Lots and lots of JE boys XD

Here’s the list (it’s in order)

1. Kimura Takuya- 15th year as no 1 :)) JE-SMAP
2. Fukuyama Masaharu
3. Akanishi Jin(JE-Kat-tun)
4. Matsumoto Jun (JE-arashi member #1)
5. Nakai Masahiro
6. Yamashita Tomohisa(JE-NEWS)- His ranking got 8 steps higher from last year’s
7. Katori Shingo (JE-SMAP)
8. Okada Junichi (JE-V6)
9. Oguri Shun
10. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (JE-SMAP)
11. Kamenashi Kazuya (JE-Kat-tun)
12. Inagaki Goro (JE-SMAP)
13. Tsumabuki Satoshi
14. Sakurai Sho (JE-arashi member #2)
15. Domoto Koichi (JE-KinKi Kids)
16. Ninomiya Kazunari (JE-arashi member #3)
17. Eita-Takeru! 9 steps higher than last year. He’s just so effin.
18. Nagase Tomoya (JE-TOKIO)
19. Tamaki Hiroshi- CHIAKI SENPAI ❀
20. Nishikido Ryo-ryo-chan :)) (JE-Kanjani8,NEWS)
21. Ikuta Toma- why only now???!!!-JE
22. Kenichi Matsuyama
23. Takizawa Hideaki (JE-Tackey and Tsubasa)
24. Ohkura Tadayoshi (JE-Kanjani8)
25. Mokomichi Hayami-NIGHT πŸ˜‰ fafa half filipino ka raw?
26. Koike Teppei- UHHHHH WHY DID HIS RANKING DECREASE 3 steps??!!
27. Ichihara Hayato
28. Narimiya Hiroki
29. Koide Keisuke-Yey!!

That’s the list. 18 of them are from Johnny’s Entertainment. Johnny sure produces fine boys XD

Look at last year’s list

1) Kimura Takuya
2) Fukuyama Masaharu
3) Nakai Masahiro
4) Okada Junichi
5) Matsumoto Jun
6) Katori Shingo
7) Tsumabuki Satoshi
8) Akanishi Jin
9) Inagaki Goro
10) Kamenashi Kazuya
11) Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
12) Hideaki Takizawa
13) Odagiri Joe
14) Yamashita Tomohisa
15) Domoto Koichi
16) Nagase Tomoya
17) Hayami Mokomichi
18) Ninomiya Kazunari
19) Oguri Shun
20) Sakaguchi Kenji
21) Sakurai Sho
22) Nishikido Ryo
23) Koike Teppei
24) Tamaki Hiroshi
25) Domoto Tsuyoshi
26) Eita
27) Okura Tadayoshi
28) Narimiya Hiroki
29) Matsuda Shota
30) Koide Keisuke

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Bloody Monday (updates)- MIURA HARUMA’s NEW DRAMA

Ang gwapo talaga ni fafa :))

Here’s the trailer! *I’m so exited to watch it already*

Miura Haruma in bloody monday…I JUST LOVE HIM XD

I really can’t wait for this!! I’m saving computer space already so that I could download all the episodes once it starts airing in Japan πŸ™‚

Read my previous blog for details and synopsis here

And here’s the official site of Bloody Monday πŸ˜€

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Upcoming Japanese Drama Season (Autumn 2008)-a blog about those I dramas I want to watch

Haha long blog title.

Most of the Autum Dramas will start airing on october.

I need more computer space!!

Anyway here it goes…

Here are the ones I want to watch.


I’ve read that the scriptwrter of Innocent Love was also the scriptwriter of last friends. Since last friends turned out to be a really great drama, I’m guessing that Innocent Love will be like that too. Another reason why I want to watch it is because horikita Maki will be playing the lead role πŸ™‚

Details from Dramawiki


An arson took it all away from Akiyama Kanon seven years ago. Her parents died in that fire, her brother was arrested as the prime suspect and her carefree life disappeared from that instant. She was shunned by the town as the sister of a murderer, yet she believes in her brother’s innocence and often pays him visits with words of encouragement. As life gets harder when nobody is willing to give her a job, Kanon decides to try her luck in the city and there she meets the man of her destiny…


2. Ryousei No Kizuna-starring Nino Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo and Erika Toda

Pleas read my previous blog entry about that drama. (It has all the details)


3. Bloody Monday


I can’t find a poster thingy for Bloody Monday..I’ll just put pics of Miura Haruma (since I love him so much)

Here’s the synopsis of Bloody Monday (dramawiki)


Takagi Fujimaru is a genius hacker facing off against a terrorist organization. —Tokyograph (


Tokyograph article

Rising teen actor Haruma Miura will take on his first starring role in a television drama series. This fall, TBS is airing an action/suspense series called “Bloody Monday,” loosely based on a manga by Ryo Ryumon.

Miura plays a genius hacker facing off against a terrorist organization. Michiko Kichise is the female lead as one of the terrorists. Takeru Sato and Hisashi Yoshizawa have also been cast in the series. The show will be getting tie-ins with tech companies Microsoft and Yahoo! Japan.

“Bloody Monday” has been lined up for the 7:56pm time slot on Saturday nights, starting on October 11.


starringΒ  Mizushima Hiro and Anne Suzuki. Mizushima Hiro was namba Senpai in Hana Kimi (he has this slight resemblance with Matsujun).Β  Anne susuki was Chie in Stand Up! hahaha

Short Synopsis from dramawiki

A game is initiated between four roommates, and the winner will gain ownership of their luxurious apartment in the Aoyama district. How will the battle unfold between a freelancer, an OL, a venereologist and a sylist?

Dramas that I want to watch but I’m not really sure If I’ll watch them

1. Oh! My Girl!!!

Starring Hayami Mokomichi. Yipeee.


Yamashita Kotaro was living a peaceful life as a publisher part-timer pretending to be a mobile phone novelist until two females suddenly appeared in his life. One is his six-year-old celebrity niece and the other is the little girl’s stern manager. As he is forced to live under the same roof as the little prodigy, their differences soon manifest and disputes ensue. However, through co-habitation, Yamashita slowly comes to appreciate having a family and the warmth it brings, all the while developing a love-hate relationship with Takamine Mineko, the manager.


and lastly Scrap Teacher.Starring Hey Say Jump kids. I wan’t to watch it because of Yamada Ryosuke :))

I can’t wat for the new season!! πŸ˜€

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Koizora-恋空 (sky of love)

Koizora Poster

I’ve just finished watching Koizora.

And here’s my review. SPOILERS INCLUDED.
Koizora is basically a high school love story of 2 people who were madly in love with each other but ended up being in unwanted circumstances. The film was good but really fast-paced. I mean, the things that happened in the movie were so fast that It didn’t even seem realistic anymore. There were times when I just went “that’s just really stupid” because of how things happen in such a short period of time. At first I found the leading lady too impulsive; she met a boy, then a few days later the boy became her boyfriend then the same afternoon of that day,they had UHHHHHHHH. It was just so fast and plain weird. There were even parts of the movie when I thought the girl was just simply blinded by love. She meets a boy, he becomes her girlfriend, they have sex, the girl becomes pregnant and both of them decides for the child to be born. Strange isn’t it? oh and there was also a rape scene. All of those practically happened in the first 30 mins of the film. It was just a bit confusing at the start I guess. But after probably the first 30 mins, the story was quite easy to follow. There were a lot of uhhh shocking scences that seemed normal in the film. There was this scene where they were making-out in the school library during class hours. There were also a lot of cute scenes. I didn’t find it that much of a tear-jerker…actually I didn’t cry at all. But I understand why most people do.Β  What I don’t understand though it that this film actually became a box office hit. Maybe it’s because of the cast (Miura Haruma and Aragaki Yui look so cute together XD).Over all, the movie was quite enjoyable. The acting of Miura Haruma (who plays the blonde-haired Hiro) and Aragaki Yui (who portrayed the role of mika) were really really good.

I’d give the movie a 7/10

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