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Hana Kimi SP screencaps

I can’t think of anything to post here on wordpress! I’m just going to post my caps from hana kimi sp nalang(when there weren’t any subs yet)

the torrent of Hana Kimi SP with hardsubs by SARS is already available in d-addicts!! for those who downloaded the RAW version, softsubs are also available.

Anyway, here goes the caps…

hahahahaha WHAT HAPPEND TO SANO’S HAIR =))))) =))))

parang nadulas lang yung barbero hapang ginugupitan si Shun :))

haha. bored talaga ako :))


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Ryusei No Kizuna SCREENCAPS (Episode 1,bloopers,interview and promotion video)

I watched the first episode last friday and damn I couldn’t understand a thing cause there weren’t any subs available yet XD I tried my best to understand the first episode but I failed :)) The only words I could understand were the basic japanese stuff. Well,thanks to those summaries and reviews on the first episode of ryusei no kizuna, I was able to understand the whole thing. yey!

Here are some screencaps (FIRST EPISODE)

and more screencaps :)) (please look at their facial expressions)

(click the photo if you want it in FULL VIEW)


VIDEO IS FROM NEWShFAN@LJ and caps are from me 🙂

osama no brunch is a morning show thingy in Japan. During the interview they talked about how they were during filming and their first impressions of each other. XD Ryo said that Toda talks a lot and Toda said that Ryo is shy (well, he really is) XD The interview ended with ryo and toda asking a quiestion to each other. Ryo to Erika “Do you hate me?” hahahahaha that was just weird. Ryo said that toda doesn’t really talk to him and that she always prefers talking to Nino. And toda was like “If I talked to you, you won’t answer me or you’ll just go like “yes, youre right” and Ryo said that well it’s true :))

SCREENCAPS of Osama No Brunch


They talked about how it’s like to be working with each other for the first time. They also talked about their first impressions of each other XD

And caps from their blooper video thing (vid is from NEWShFAN@lj again) :)

tI’m sorry for the very long post XD

If you want to read the details/synopsis/cast or whatever or Ryusei No Kizuna, please read my previous post

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Koike Teppei in Homeless Chugakusei (Movie Trailer)

The movie will be premiered in Japan on October 25. (good for the people living in Japan. For the people not living in Japan, we still have to wait for months (yes, months or even a year) to get the dvd rip with subs XD rawr.)

Anyway, Homeless Chugakusei means homeless school student. The movie is based on the drama of the same title which was based from the best-selling autobiography “Homeless Chugakusei,” of comedian Tamura Hiroshi. I’ve read the plot and yup, It’s a sad story. But not that much of a tear-jerker (I guess). Well, based on the trailer, you can pretty much say that It’s a sad movie. Anyhow, the only reason why I want to watch the movie is because of teppei. haha. He’s just so cute and chibi. hahahaha. I’m even taller than him.

Here’s the trailer

the photo (below). That guy on the left is Tamura Hiroshi, the comedian guy and author of the autobiography where the movie is based. And that litol boy on the right is the one who played Tamura in the drama. TEPPEI is tamura in the movie. HE DOESN’T LOOK A BIT LIKE THEM XD (but tamura wanted teppei to be him in the movie)

oh and a random pic of teppei. hahahaha

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NewS-Happy Birthday(single)- Download

yey! credits to yamapi85@lj

album cover (regular)

album cover (regular)album cover

limited edition cover

limited edition cover

Download the rip here- MF

Limited edition tracklist:

01. Happy Birthday
02. ガンガンガンバッテ
03. GAME of LOVE
04. Happy Birthday-karaoke (so you can sing along XD)

Here’s the video

if you haven’t seen the preview (which was a long time ago), here it is..

Lyrics of the song


NewS – Happy Birthday

okane ja kae nai da kara koso

kimochi de tsutaeru takaramono
hazukashi garazu omedetou to
kotoba de yuu yore choudo

Wow Wow yeah
Wow Wow yeah Wow~
Wow Wow Yeah
Wow Wow Yeah Yeah

umareta koto Oh~
deaeta koto Oh~
ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

kyou wa ichinen ni ichido
juuyou no sekaiichi no
taisetsu na kimi no kinen bi
mata hitotsu kirei ni

toshi wo kasaneru koto wa
omoi de fuerutte koto de
dakara ureshii kotoba
kimi dake ni okuru yo hora

nan sen nan oku no naka de
kimi to aeta kono kiseki ga atte
konna chikaku ni iru shiawase
kimi no tameni utaeruyo

umareta koto Oh~
deaeta koto Oh~
ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

kimi ga iru kara waratte irareru
kyou wa itsumo yori sunao ni nareru

seken teki ni wa futsuu no hi
nani mo kawarazu utsuru noni
boku nitotte wa kuuki no
aji sae mo tokubetsu fuumi wo

tobikiri no egao ni ai tai
shikamettsura towa BYE BYE MY LOVE
kimi no tame ni okuru yo chikara no kagiri

ima made dore dake naita tte
ima waraeru shiawase ga atte
tomoni ireru kyou no HAPPY BIRTHDAY
kimi no tame ni utauyo

umareta koto Oh~
deaeta koto Oh~
ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

hitori ja koko ni irare nakatta yo kitto
rainen mo sarainen mo onaji hi kimi ni ai ni ikuyo

kamisama no PUREZENTO
kimi no mirai ni sachi are

umareta koto Oh~
deaeta koto Oh~
ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

Wow Wow yeah
Wow Wow yeah Wow~
Wow Wow Yeah
Wow Wow Yeah Yeah

English translation

Exactly because I can’t buy them with money
Treasures that can be expressed by feelings
I’ll say it in words, “Happy Birthday”
Without feeling embarrassed at exactly 12 midnight

WoW WoW Wow Yeah Yeah
WoW WoW Wow Yeah Yeah
WoW WoW Wow Yeah Yeah
WoW WoW Wow Yeah Yeah Yeah

For being born
For being able to meet you
That I can be by your side now
Thank you
A magical, special day that happens only once a year

Today is the momentous once-a-year anniversary
Of you who is the most important in the world
Yet another one in beauty

The piling up of years
Is the multiplication of memories
That’s why I’ll send beautiful words
Only to you, look!

I’m happy that in the many thousands and hundred millions
We could have such a miracle as our meeting
And be this near
I’ll sing for you

Because you’re here I can laugh
and be more honest than usual today
An ordinary day to the rest of the world
Fishing as per normal, yet
To me even the taste of the atmosphere has a special flavor

I especially want to meet your smile
Bye-bye to grimaces
With the extent of my power, I’ll send you my love
How many times have you cried up till now
The happiness where we can laugh now is safe
Today’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY where we can be together
I’ll sing for you

I didn’t leave you here alone
Definitely next year and the year after too
I’ll go to meet you on the same day

A present from god
All the best for your future

enjoy 🙂

Please comment if downloading ^_^

gif credits to jemae-chan@blogspot 😀

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