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Ryusei No Kizuna(updates)

I was youtubeing a few days ago when I saw a clip/preview of ryusei no kizuna on youtube. I’m supposed to post the video here but unfortunately, the video was removed from youtube. So all that’s left is this clip thingy with a few scenes.

The theme song for this drama is Beautiful Days by ARASHI



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Anan’s rankings-Japan’s most popular male idols of 2008

Pretty much still the same as last year’s…Lots and lots of JE boys XD

Here’s the list (it’s in order)

1. Kimura Takuya- 15th year as no 1 :)) JE-SMAP
2. Fukuyama Masaharu
3. Akanishi Jin(JE-Kat-tun)
4. Matsumoto Jun (JE-arashi member #1)
5. Nakai Masahiro
6. Yamashita Tomohisa(JE-NEWS)- His ranking got 8 steps higher from last year’s
7. Katori Shingo (JE-SMAP)
8. Okada Junichi (JE-V6)
9. Oguri Shun
10. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (JE-SMAP)
11. Kamenashi Kazuya (JE-Kat-tun)
12. Inagaki Goro (JE-SMAP)
13. Tsumabuki Satoshi
14. Sakurai Sho (JE-arashi member #2)
15. Domoto Koichi (JE-KinKi Kids)
16. Ninomiya Kazunari (JE-arashi member #3)
17. Eita-Takeru! 9 steps higher than last year. He’s just so effin.
18. Nagase Tomoya (JE-TOKIO)
19. Tamaki Hiroshi- CHIAKI SENPAI ❤
20. Nishikido Ryo-ryo-chan :)) (JE-Kanjani8,NEWS)
21. Ikuta Toma- why only now???!!!-JE
22. Kenichi Matsuyama
23. Takizawa Hideaki (JE-Tackey and Tsubasa)
24. Ohkura Tadayoshi (JE-Kanjani8)
25. Mokomichi Hayami-NIGHT 😉 fafa half filipino ka raw?
26. Koike Teppei- UHHHHH WHY DID HIS RANKING DECREASE 3 steps??!!
27. Ichihara Hayato
28. Narimiya Hiroki
29. Koide Keisuke-Yey!!

That’s the list. 18 of them are from Johnny’s Entertainment. Johnny sure produces fine boys XD

Look at last year’s list

1) Kimura Takuya
2) Fukuyama Masaharu
3) Nakai Masahiro
4) Okada Junichi
5) Matsumoto Jun
6) Katori Shingo
7) Tsumabuki Satoshi
8) Akanishi Jin
9) Inagaki Goro
10) Kamenashi Kazuya
11) Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
12) Hideaki Takizawa
13) Odagiri Joe
14) Yamashita Tomohisa
15) Domoto Koichi
16) Nagase Tomoya
17) Hayami Mokomichi
18) Ninomiya Kazunari
19) Oguri Shun
20) Sakaguchi Kenji
21) Sakurai Sho
22) Nishikido Ryo
23) Koike Teppei
24) Tamaki Hiroshi
25) Domoto Tsuyoshi
26) Eita
27) Okura Tadayoshi
28) Narimiya Hiroki
29) Matsuda Shota
30) Koide Keisuke

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Bloody Monday (updates)- MIURA HARUMA’s NEW DRAMA

Ang gwapo talaga ni fafa :))

Here’s the trailer! *I’m so exited to watch it already*

Miura Haruma in bloody monday…I JUST LOVE HIM XD

I really can’t wait for this!! I’m saving computer space already so that I could download all the episodes once it starts airing in Japan 🙂

Read my previous blog for details and synopsis here

And here’s the official site of Bloody Monday 😀

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Innocent Love (Updates)- Horikita Maki’s new drama

This first clip is the 30 second CM for Innocent love

This first one is a teaser….It really reminds me of Last Friends…

Maki with long hair for her role XD

Maki was a guest in the 11th Ganbatta Awards. She was there to promote innocent love.

visit the official site of Innocent Love

read my previos blog for other details and synopsis of Innocent love HERE

credits to “~Innocent Love~” community on LiveJournal 🙂

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Fuji TV Ganbatta(nice try) Awards- for short Bloopers of Last Friends

I’ve downloaded the Subbed Video by NEWShFAN@lj  here

Here’s the video on youtube. (it’s not subbed)

I’ll just go explain it…

The first part is where Masami Nagasawa (Michiru) was talking to someone in the phone and she said something like “Everyone’s here. Eri and Egurin and takeru” And then she starts laughing. Then the narrator goes like “Egurin?? what is Egurin??!” :)) Masami just laughs. Then Asami (Eri) said that she combined Eri and Ogurin :))

The next one was Ueno Juri’s blooper. She was talking with Eita (Takeru) when she said “It was fine. It can’t be helped. I was in a bout.” She pronounced her line wrong and she said that it totally changed the meaing :))

The next scene was when Asami (Eri) visited Ryo (sosuke) in the hospital. Ryo said to Eri “because you are nice” and eri responds by saying “you’re kind of m…….en” hahaha. Asami ignores it so ryo lughed and said “you were hoping to keep going right? that woudn’t have worked” and he laughed.

In the last scene, observe juri carefully……she wore her helmet and as she rode on the bike, the director said cut because she wore the helmet backwards :)) haha

that’s pretty much it.

Here’s the video…Have fun 😀

If you don’t know last friends, please read my previous post here

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Happy Birthday PV-News and cute Summer Time gif’s

Haha super late Happy Birthday News! I know it’s kinda late already haha.

A news ad :)) (ganyan naman nila i-pronounce yung birthday) :))


if you want the audio file of happy birthday (NEWS), just tell me by commenting and i’ll send you the file.

oh and RANDOM summer time pv gif’s haha

mga pakyut kayong lahat :))

yamapi working the cups
yamapi working the cups

Ooh a banana phone
Ooh a banana phone
massu XD

massu XD

the drama

the drama

Hi Ryo.


its ryo feeling it

it's ryo feeling it

he thinks hes cute XD

he thinks he's cute XD

we all know youre pretty already ^_^

we all know you're pretty already ^_^

Shige loves the dog

kato really loves the dog

SHIGE really loves the dog

Kei-chan seems to be saying si Pikachu..ano?

Koyama seems to be saying "si Pikachu"..ano?

I bet tegoshi knows hes cute XD

I bet tegoshi knows he's cute XD



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Yamapi on the cover of Fine Boy’s next issue. (october 2008)

umaariba nanaman si yamapi.


He looks really effin here. He also looks mature here. Since Kurosagi (which was a long time ago), Yamapi has been portraying serious roles in his dramas (uhh except for prodai haha). I miss his roles as kenken in Stand Up!, Yajima in Dragon Zakura or Akira in Nobuta ( I just loved him there XD). He left that phase when you always portray the roles of high school or college students. Just like toma eh? when he starred in Maou. Before that, all the roles he portrayed were him as a high school or college student. haha.

Anyway here are the photo’s:

Fine Boys is a men’s magazine.  That’s all I know

umaariba ang sapatos

umaariba ang sapatos

I know you want me.... haha


credits:Watchful21 @ LJ

Akira Shock! not at all 🙂

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